One Fine Day

Written by Sa Moo El & Son Eun Hye

Directed by Sin Hyeon Chang

Originally aired on MBC/Korea

May 31 to July 20, 2006


Gong Yoo as Seo Gun

Sung Yu Ri as Seo Ha Neul/Park Hye Won

Lee Yeon Hee as Gu Hyo-Ju

Nam Goong Min as Kang Dong Ha

Lee Ki Yul as Gu Kyung Teak

Kang Seong Jin as Gu Seong Chan

Yoo Ha Joon as Park Tae Won

Jung Dong Hwan as Park Jin Kwon


Production: MBC Television (Korea)

Video: YA Entertainment (USA)


Aspect ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic

Region 1: NTSC

Feature: 480i

Supplements: 480i


Korean Dolby Digital 2.0


Feature: English

Extras: English


• Bloopers (10:15)

• Gong Yoo vs. Nam Goong Min (7:20)

• Behind the Scenes (10:10)

• Interviews (14:00)

• Making Of (18:30)


16 episodes, approx. 1 hour/episode

Extra features: 63 minutes

1 box set, 2 volumes, complete on 6 discs

Release Date: May 27, 2008