I Really Really Like You


I Really Really Like You

Written by Bae Joo Mi

Produced by Shin Ho Gyun

Directed by Kim Jin Man

Originally aired in Korea on MBC:

April 8-August 6, 2006


• Kim Yu Jin (Eugene) as Bong Sun

• Lee Min Ki as Nam Bong Ki

• Ryu Jin as Jang Jun Won

Bong Soon's family

• Geum Bo Ra as Lee Han Suk (Bong Soon's mother)

• Shin Min Hee as Geum Soo Kyung (Bong Soon's legalized sister)

Bong Ki's family and colleagues

• Jang Yong as Nam Dae Shik (Bong Ki's father)

• Yoon Seung Won as Lee Sang Jik (Presidential Security Director)

• Ryu Tae Jun as Kim Joo Yup (Bodyguard: "Robocop")

Presidential family

• Choi Bool Am as Jang Min Ho (The President and Jun Won's father)

• Kim Hye Ok as Oh Young Sil (Jun Won's mother)

* Jung So Young as Go Ji Soo (Jun Won's wife)

• Jung Da Bin as Jang Hyo Won (Jun Won's daughter)

Cheong Wa Dae, Korean Presidential Mansion Staff

• Kim Chang Wan as Kang San (presidential chef)

• Kim Gook Jin as Ki Hyung Do (presidential photographer)

• Ahn Hye Kyung as Noh Jin Kyung (nutritionist, cafeteria manager)


Production: MBC, Korea

Video: YA Entertainment (USA)


Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 / anamorphic

Region 1: NTSC

Feature: 480i

Supplements: 480i / 4:3


Korean Dolby Digital 2.0


Feature: English

Extras: English


• 22-page Reference Guide

• Be Strong, Geum-soon (30 min. segment)


34 episodes, approx. 54 min/episode

Published in two volumes, 6 discs each

Release Date Volume 1: September 23, 2008

Release Date Volume 2: December 16, 2008